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Viva Italia

Tomorrow morning I leave for my five week archaeology adventure in Italy. Follow me on Instagram (@duskblood) to enjoy plenty of awesome photos along the way!

About a year ago, I entered a contest at Horror Novel Reviews, run by Matt Molgaard. I did not win, but was invited, along with about 15 other writers, to be a part of a hard copy anthology Mr. Molgaard wanted to publish, and I accepted.

That anthology was promised to be published a year ago. Mr. Molgaard has not contacted the writers involved once, aside from a Twitter conversation I had with him that I initiated. Thus I complained on the HNR Facebook that I was disappointed to watch other eBook anthologies being published and sold, while the Monsters anthology floundered in limbo. The webmaster said he would pass on my complaint, and a week later Mr. Molgaard still could not be bothered to address it.

So I emailed him yesterday night and told him I was pulling permission to publish my story in anthology due to his disrespectful business practices, and that I would inform other writers of my shitty experience with his site. The screencaps above are his responses via email (I got a response in about an hour, imagine that!), on both HNR’s Facebook (since deleted) and my own Facebook accounts. I think they speak for themselves. This is what you can count on, should you choose to do business with Mr. Molgaard and HNR. 

I hate this holiday. 

There are many beautiful mothers in my life, now that my friends are starting their own families. My own is not among them. 

And for a woman who has, not once in her life, ever carried the desire to procreate, it is especially painful. No matter how forward-thinking the world appears to become, today is a reminder as bright as a nuclear explosion that the society in which I was raised will always first and foremost reward traditional roles. That I would find much more sympathy if I were a woman who wanted kids, but couldn’t have them. Choosing not to have them still feels like heresy.

Tie me to the stake. Put a blunt in my lips and light the pyre. 

I created this Heavy Metal Holy Text for my Religious Studies class with intent to turn it into a hard-copy zine. 

Metal is the closest thing I will ever have to religion. In building this, I used the theories of both Durkheim and James to establish my thesis that Metal culture qualifies as a death cult. For all the myriad subgenres and differences in areas of Metal, the one thing they all have in common is their refusal to ignore death; what they create is thus a reaction to that reality, and those reactions can run the gamut from acceptance and submission to angry refusal.

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SubRosa, Die Off, Wearing Thin

at the Cult Leader vinyl release show

The Shred Shed, Salt Lake City, UT

April 4 2014

Copyright Megan Kennedy


Cult Leader vinyl release show

@ The Shred Shed, Salt Lake City, UT

April 4 2014

Copyright Megan Kennedy